The whole objective of education is to develop one’s mind. At KES we let our students grow, explore and some time even make paths if necessary.
We ensure a productive and proactive mind through myriad projects and assignments and always careful to sustain high motivation levels.

• The school is housed in a two storey building with a playground in front of the campus.

• It provides sports facilities for Basket Ball/ Throwball, Athletics & Sports fitness activities.

• A well stocked Library with more than 3500 with a pleasant ambience complete with syllabus and reference books and periodicals.

• We have spacious science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers.

• The school boasts of a huge state of the art Auditorium with a seating capacity of almost 750 people.

• A park for outdoor play for Pre primary students.

• A playground for outdoor games.

• The Preprimary students are provided with snacks everyday from the School.

• Every Pre primary class has a lady helper to help the teacher in handling the students.